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Periyar Tourism  is a non governmental, private organization . involved in environmental, human resources & promoting Eco-Tourism activities. Periyar Tourism is leading practical conservation organisation.Since 2008 PT has fulfilled its mission to attract and manage a force of volunteers in practical conservation projects for the betterment of the kerala environment.

Periyar National Park, also known as Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, is a protected area located in the Indian state of Kerala. It is situated in the Western Ghats mountain range, and is known for its diverse wildlife, including elephants, tigers, leopards, and various species of birds. The park is also home to the Periyar Lake, which is a major tourist attraction. The lake is a man-made reservoir that was created in 1895, and it serves as a sanctuary for a variety of aquatic animals.

Periyar tourism is focused on eco-tourism and adventure tourism. Visitors can take guided boat rides on the lake to spot wildlife, go on jungle treks, and take part in bamboo rafting. The park also has a variety of accommodation options, including resorts and guesthouses. The best time to visit the park is between December and April.

It is a popular tourist destination in Kerala and one of the most visited National Parks in India. It is known for its elephant population and the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats. It is also considered as the best place to see the wild elephants in their natural habitat.

for the eco-tourism activities charges may vary from the actual ticket rate because of the subject to the availability, combination of the programme  and service charges .

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