1. Feeding and Photo session–Rs.550/person
  2. Half an hour ride ,Photo session- Rs.400/person
  3. Elephant Shower–900/person
  4. One hour ride and photo session–Rs.1500/person
  5. one hour with elephant ride, elephant bath, Photo session, Commands and communication–Rs.1500/person
  6. Half Day with elephant and –elephant bath, commands and communication timber Dragging, Feeding, elephant shower——-Rs.4000/person

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Unique experience with elephant

The Indian elephant’s has been captured , tamed and worked by people for more than 4000 years, it stirs the human imagination like no other animal. Tourism centered on elephant is developed to provide a better future for unemployed or badly employed elephants .Kerala has developed many well run tourist camps .

In this safari you will get a unique experience , seated a top an elephant guest are taken along rides in to the spice plantation to get the good views of valleys and mountains .