1. Feeding and Photo session–Rs.750/person
    2. Half an hour ride ,Photo session- Rs.500/person
    3. Elephant Shower–900/person
    4. One hour ride and photo session–Rs.1500/person
    5. one hour with elephant ride, elephant bath, Photo session, Commands and communication–Rs.1500/person
    6. Half Day with elephant and –elephant bath, commands and communication timber Dragging, Feeding, elephant shower——-Rs.5000/person
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Note :

1.Minimum two pax cost is applicable 

Unique experience with elephant

The Indian elephant’s has been captured , tamed and worked by people for more than 4000 years, it stirs the human imagination like no other animal. Tourism centered on elephant is developed to provide a better future for unemployed or badly employed elephants .Kerala has developed many well run tourist camps .

In this safari you will get a unique experience , seated a top an elephant guest are taken along rides in to the spice plantation to get the good views of valleys and mountains .

2. interacting with elephants can be awe-inspiring and humbling. Elephants’ intelligence, emotional complexity, and unique personalities make them fascinating creatures to observe and learn from. However, it is crucial to remember that these animals are not here for our entertainment or profit, and we must treat them with respect and care.

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