Tiger trail is an adventurous trekking and camping programme, offered in two packages; one night and two night stays. The programme is unique in being conducted by a team of rehabilitated poachers and tree cutters of the park, hardy and dependable individuals with an intimate knowledge of the forest terrain. A maximum number of six tourists are taken at a time accompanied by five guides and one armed forest guard. Here, one may chance to encounter much indigenous wildlife like Nilgiri langur, giant squirrel, elephant and who knows, even the tiger! Normally, 20 to 35kms of trekking distance will be covered, depending on the route chosen.

Periyar Tiger Reserve-Thekkady

The trek route passes through hills and valleys with a variety of tropical plans and wide open spaces. En route, vegetarian meals will be prepared and served and country tents will be pitched for holing up in the night. Remember to listen to unusual and strange adventure stories of the former poachers, now your guides and protectors of the forests. Tiger Trail has become immensely popular internationally and provides livelihood for 13 ex-poachers. It has also contributed substantially in keeping vigil in the most vulnerable parts of the Tiger Reserve.

Programme description in brief.

Camping inside the forest, starting at 9am. Accommodation in tents; food provided. Offered in two formats

Programme I

One night and two days

Programme II

Two nights and three days

Time slots: Twice a week, starting at 9am.

Group size: Six per group

Only children of 12 years and above are allowed to participate in the above programme.

Bookings are confirmed against 100% payment. Ticket rates do not include Entrance fees

Camping Sites

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